July Brown’s Deli Update

Dear Residents,
July will be an exciting month for the Delaney Dining Room! Fourth of July Celebration Dinner, new menu items, and more focus on input from residents. Since Brown’s Deli stepped in to reopen the suspended dining services at Kinneret Apartments, there have been many adjustments and changes. This process is still ongoing as we get to know each other better and respond to the needs of diners.
On Wednesday, July 4, there will be a family style dinner celebration. Record attendance at the Memorial Day dinner reinforced the message that the dining room be open on National holidays to celebrate together. Check out the menu when it is distributed this week. It will include the classic 4th of July fare…including quarter-pound dinner franks (Yes, you were right! Those puny Hebrew National franks were not big enough!)
Summer is a time of fresh and cool ingredients. Chef Don Dyleski is working up new and exciting dishes to present this summer. The focus is still on healthy living for active seniors. To meet the varied needs and tastes of diners, salt and pepper are always on the table, but the foods will be gently seasoned when they arrive on your plate. That will allow everyone to enjoy dinner their own way.
Comment cards have been placed on every table, and there is a sealed collection box in the dining room. Brown’s Deli has no other goal than to please the guests and increase participation in both buildings. Opinions and suggestions are of the utmost importance, and every comment is taken seriously. Anyone who has set foot in the Kinneret kitchen cannot help but comment on the greatly improved cleanliness, organization, and professionalism of the staff. New ideas are always welcome… such as possibilities for lunch! There has been nearly a 100% increase in the number of residents participating in the dining program. Thank you for your patience and support during this transition period. ~ Lauren Brown