Delaney Dining August News

It’s hot out there! …and it’s as spicy-hot as you like it in the dining room. With the addition of hot sauce bottles on every table, diners can customize seasonings to their own tastes. Meeting the needs of a variety of diets and preferences can be a challenge for any chef, so you will always find salt, pepper, and now hot sauce to enhance food to your own liking.

Summer fruits and vegetables are still in abundance. Chef Don brings a creative flair to fresh dishes he places on our menu. And yes, he does requests. There were many good suggestions on the comment cards that you will see making their way to your table. The next round of comment cards will look for your feedback on menu items you like the most and how often you would like to see them repeated. We are always open to suggestions for new menu items as well. Please feel free to share your ideas and comments.
As the Brown’s Deli restaurant gets closer to opening, exciting menu items may appear. We look forward to your feedback on these dishes and hope you enjoy being part of this dynamic process. You may also see some new faces in the kitchen. Our new pastry chef, Kevan Murphy, will be preparing special desserts for the dining room as she selects the pastry recipes to appear on the menu at the restaurant. Freshly baked dinner rolls will make an appearance on your tables as well.

Celebrate birthdays with us in the dining room. We will be honoring all birthdays of the month on the first Wednesday of each month with a special dessert and festivities. Check your menus for details.

Thank you again for dining with us and tell all your friends!

~ Lauren Brown