2015 8 over 80 a great success!

There are many ways to judge an event a success.  Obviously, when it is a fundraiser,  a successful event raises more money than it did last year.  It also would attract more people and hopefully garner more support for the organization.  But all accounts, this year’s 8 over 80 was a tremendous success!  We anticipate to raise almost $60,000 and we had just over 220 people attend.  This is an increase over any event previously held.

What is wonderful about our 8 over 80 event, is it is not just about raising money.  I love the way we have the opportunity to honor some amazing seniors and showcase their talents, their commitment to their community and their love of their family.

I know there is no one secret to longevity.  But I know that this year’s honorees showed us that laughter, family, and love are what is most important in life.  It was such a pleasure getting to know Morris, Helen, Avie, Harvey, Ron, Betty, Sandy, and Mark.  Check out our 2016 8 over 80 Photo Album. Check back for a link to our video produced by A Magic Moment that tells the stories of these amazing people.

Save the Date for February 28, 2016 for our next event! Please help to make it successful by nominating a senior over 80 who continues to inspire and contribute to our community!  Nominations are  now being accepted by completing this form.